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ZOIDS Hasbro Mega Battlers Tanks - Turtle-Type Buildable Beast Figure with Motorized Motion


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  • DISCOVER ZOIDS: In the Zoids Wild animated series and video game, Zoids beasts are massive mechanical creatures that resemble animals we know today. Their giant animatronic bodies are heavily armorized and house technologically advanced weaponry based on their unique forms.
  • BUILD THEM TO BATTLE: Zoids figures are building toys that battle! This Mega Battlers pack comes with 53 pieces to build a turtle-type Tanks figure. Once built, switch on and watch as he moves with animatronic motion, ready for battle!
  • UNLEASH EXCITING BATTLE MOVE: The toy’s motion automatically unleashes a motorized battle move called Wild Blast! As the Tanks figure moves, his dynamic battle move called Laser Cannon will activate!
  • FACE-OFF IN EPIC BATTLES: Includes a battle mat where 2 Mega Battlers figures can face-off in epic battles!